Silverbacks & Sickness.

Aviary Photo_130207236645024198Last night I went to watch the local men’s semi-pro team, the Atlanta Silverbacks. 5 members of the team went. We took a little road trip into Atlanta. It was the first time I had seen the main city and it looked beautiful. The road trip was interesting; 2 Swedes, a Norewegian, a Spaniard and a Brit in one car… It sounds like the start of a bad joke.

When we arrived at the Silverback’s stadium, I think we were all a little underwhelmed by the stadium. There were no covered stands, just raked seating, however, soon the American atmosphere kicked in, and whilst the stadium was nothing compared to back home, the fans seemed to be just as enthusiastic about their team.Aviary Photo_130207236999710542

The standard of football was very different to the UK. Considering this is one of the highest levels of soccer, the quality wasn’t fantastic. However, Sylvie, a Junior, reminded us that women’s soccer is a lot bigger than men’s in the US. Whilst females flock to the states, any talented men’s players head elsewhere. The college teams play an equal, if not better level, of men’s soccer here.

The game was 1-1 when we left. With 10 minutes to go the heaven’s opened, and one of the Atlanta Aviary Photo_130207236796241181monsoons I have become accustomed to began. We decided we didn’t fancy getting soaked due to the lack of roofing and headed back home.. I wouldn’t say I’ve been converted to a Silverback’s fan. Much happier celebrating a point for the Royals against Bolton…

So all in all yesterday was a good day, but today has been pretty tragic. I appear to be suffering from the symptoms of food poisoning/becoming accustomed to a whole new countries food/water etc. No fun.

For the first time since I have been here, I really knew I couldn’t train. I was gutted, but after communicating with coach, he understood. I’ve just visited the team doctor, who has given me some tablets and told me to rest up and not train this evening. It is so frustrating as I want to train, make a good impression and not appear a slacker. But I know they are right, I cannot run on empty and I must rest and get better, so that when we begin practice again on Tuesday, I can perform to my maximum..Aviary Photo_130207242213199587

I also had to have my sickle cell testing done today. This involved my greatest phobia, a needle. The combination of feeling like “trash” and confronting such a fear of mine has almost been a little too much today. For the first time, if I’m honest, I really just want my mum. It’s childish and silly, but it’s times like these when all you want is to be looked after. My housemates have been great checking up on me though and a series of different smiley faces on facebook from my Mum (I’m not sure she’s gathered the concept of facebook chat yet) has put a smile back on my face somewhat.

Tomorrow classes start. I have College Algebra at 8am… The thought of it right now is not exactly awe inspiring… Fingers crossed I’m feeling better. Time for bed.


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